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Welcome to the first edition of my new Magazine feature, whereby I present you with some of my favourite print magazines around. For so long I have loved physical copies of books and magazines and worry about the future becoming purely digitalised. I vow to always take a physical copy of a book on holiday and love the feeling of high quality magazine paper between my fingers. I never want print to die and am going to do my bit to help the world focus on how words are meant to be read. Therefore I am showcasing some of the best printed magazines to give you all a sense of what you may be missing. I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to show you the collection.

I wanted to start off with one of my all time favourites ‘Another Escape’, a bi-annual magazine which focuses on outdoor lifestyle, creative culture and sustainable living. What I absolutely love about Another Escape, is it’s ability to combine photography with the written word. Too often magazines have a focus on one or the other, some tend to be very picture-orientated without giving much content, but with AE you get the best of both. And I really mean the best! Every single image is perfectly captured and placed with thought onto the page, with many full-spread images adding to the design-led style of AE. But alongside the photography, there is plenty of text; stories from people around the world inspire the reader to pursue as passionate a life, as the featured individuals.

Each edition follows the same structure, something which I think is essential for all magazine editors to pay attention to. It gives the feel of a series, a flowing collection. Each magazine is split into 3 Feature Sections, which are then individually broken down into a further 4 articles, Inspiration, Exploration, Process and Response. Here you can see the level of structure and attention to detail that is put into the creation of this incredible magazine. By structuring their magazine like this, AE achieve the ability to read each edition like a book, as the flow feels natural and there is a sense of progression through each feature. But on the other hand, as all articles are also separate from each other, you can also open at any page and it is not disjointed.

“Real life is not an Instagram photo. Real life is all the bits beyond and between”

— Edition 7

The first feature I would like to focus on is ‘Finding Your Way’ – the first of four in Edition 8. This is possibly my favourite feature because of the imagery and the accompanying stories. It follows road trips, hidden spots in nature, journeys and the stories of many unique individuals. It’s a rare thing, to get an insight into the lives of people thousands of miles away from you, normal people with normal, yet incredible stories. It focuses on the notion that everyone has something to say, but not everyone hears them say it. The feature is something which inspired me a lot. It fascinated me to read about the journeys taken by others, across countries, travelling thousands of kilometres, and I finished reading knowing that this is something which we should all do. Edition 8 also has features on the Faroe Islands, which includes some incredible nature photography and ‘Wild Waters’ which again has a real focus on the individual.

Another Escape celebrates the outdoors and explores stories of passionate people. But this isn’t to say that you have to be at one with nature to find pleasure in picking up and relaxing with the latest edition and a cup of tea. This magazine is meant to be enjoyed in your own comfort. It is a showcase of stories, experiences and creativity. It’s inspiration, it’s motivation and it will leave you craving your own adventure.

Another Escape Magazine is like no other and it is an incredible way to start off this new series. It is one of those publications that I can pretty much guarantee most people will find enjoyable to read, put this on any coffee table and I am sure you’re guests will feel right at home. Apart from obviously the style and quality of the magazine, my favourite part about the editions is actually a very small thing but it goes a long way. It is the intricate designs which run all the way through. On each page there is a little icon which refers back to the contents, which indicates which of the 4 articles it is, the same icons seen on the front cover and also throughout the company’s branding. Physical magazines are meant to take the reader on an experience both through it’s content and holding it in your hand, and Another Escape achieves this to the highest level.

I would like to extend a warm thank you to the team over at Another Escape for kindly sending me these editions and helping me bring this new series to life.

Joanna x

Please do go over to Another Escape’s website and check out their Stockists near you.

Another Escape Website

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