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Citrus Is Always Best


I have a lot of love for simple but creative cocktails and drink recipes and one thing I really believe in it that citrus is always best. Had you asked me a year ago about my preferences in drinks, both alcoholic and not, I wouldn’t have been able to give you a very interesting answer. But recently I have loved putting a little bit more effort into my drinks. I now scroll Pinterest for new exciting ideas and follow food and drink blogs more than I ever thought I would. More often than not I have loved the taste of adding new things and am always on the lookout for people shaking up their cocktail recipes. For today’s post, I wanted to share a couple of cocktail tips and ideas that work for whatever you choose to drink. Gin is usual my spirit of choice but citrus does really go with anything!!

Lime is a must have

Whatever drink I am making, you can count on the fact that a slice or two of lime will be added. The beauty of lime is that its subtlety doesn’t ruin the tasting notes of the cocktail but you always know it is there. (Which really means you always know when it is missing). I cannot have a gin and tonic without the little kick of lime and it goes a long way to make a simple cocktail a little bit more exciting. But why stop there…

Have a citrus base

Alcoholic drinks are actually pretty simple. There are only a few things that really set the tone of the cocktail and the spirit can be the most important. A great way to citrus-up your drink is to start with a flavoured gin or vodka. However, it is important not to overpower the drink with too many conflicting tastes but by having a berry flavoured gin, for example, this could be the easiest way to add a little something.

Tonic is important

Usually, people tend to forget about the tonic water and just get the simple cheap supermarket own brand. But this has never made any sense to me before. If most of your drink is the tonic, why not make it a good one. I have been looking around recently for some interesting tonic waters and found this Pink Grapefruit flavoured tonic by Fentimans and immediately fell in love. If I can add pink to my drink I will and this offers all the flavour you might ever crave for. The taste is distinctively grapefruit which is exactly what I have been looking for but it also goes with most simple gins and vodkas. The thing I love most about this tonic is that it is not made with any artificial sweeteners or flavourings. The taste is natural and zesty and this makes all the difference. When most of your drink is made up of something, invest to make it good.

Don’t be shy when garnishing

Whether you are hosting a cocktail party or having a quiet night in, do not shy away from garnishing. It makes the drink look thought out and finished and also adds a little flavour to make your cocktail rich and exciting. My go-to garnishes tend mostly be citrus based actually, lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit always work really well and you can never go wrong with them.

Peel is your best friend

This is only something I have only been doing fairly recently but adding peel to your cocktail can make all the difference. It may seem like a small touch but it is a perfect way to use the waste peel from your garnishes and incorporate them into the drink. They give off a subtle taste too which makes your cocktail super fruity and complex in taste. What is not to love!!

Joanna x 

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