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I Am A Homebody


If there is one thing I know about myself, it is that I am a homebody and I am not ashamed of it. That isn’t to say I don’t ever get outside, although lately with all the university essays, I have sort of been cooped up in my room, staring at my laptop screen, trying to force paragraphs into existence. Side note: this is also why blog content has been almost non-existent for the past month or so, but I am slowly defeating these deadlines and will be back at it before you know it.

So about 2 years ago I came to accept the fact that I am a homebody and only after I did that, did I begin to see that this is actually very common and completely normal. I have no problem having a night in, watching the latest episode of greys anatomy, whilst cuddling a hot water bottle and drinking hot chocolate. That actually sounds like the best idea to me sometimes. This means that to me that my room and everything in it becomes very important and I want it to be homely and welcoming and just generally a nice space to spend time in. I have received numerous compliments on my rooms over the past year and it is always the loveliest thing to hear that people find it warm, friendly and inviting when coming in for the first time.

Ever since I was old enough to be able to know what I wanted on my walls, I have filled it with pictures and photos, anything that could be stuck on with blu tac. Notably this used to consist mainly with the latest Zac Efron poster, or twilight memorabilia, but thankfully my style has evolved since then but my love for decorating the walls has never wavered. I try to go with a more simple but meaningful style. I am also absolutely loving the Instax mini’s and as I have the printer version, I can get any photo onto the polaroid which is pretty cool! I am also a very keen lover of artistic prints and somehow can never get enough. I have several with my favourite quotes on them which I alternate every so often but the latest print I have brought into my room is a fairly new style and I am loving it already. It is by a small independent company called Eddie and the Giant Peach and they specialise in all things cards and prints. They have so many simple designs which can fit into any space and I am in complete awe of the one I picked out.

I really love the style of this print as not only is it simplistic and won’t ever clash with anything, but it gives a lot to the eye. Maybe that won’t make sense for most of you (perhaps everyone except me…) but I feel that its due to the pattern not being uniform; it is not symmetrical and is not predictable. I will embark on my search to find some more prints which can fit along side this and create the ‘perfect 3’.

The second new thing which deserves a mention is this pink tipped concrete vase from Room 356. I am currently loving the trend of simply having a vase hold a leaf of clipping to give this minimalist and stylish look and I cannot get enough of that right now. I don’t own many concrete vases but I can definitely say I now want more. Room 356 is fast becoming one of my favourite online homeware stores and they have a whole range of products from lighting to candles to concrete vases and all things home accessories. I will leave the links to everything mentioned down below if you want to check any of the things out. Most of the time I have the vase sat on my desk to help me along with the essay writing and bring a bit of style and life to my study area.

So yeah, to me having your home environment inviting and an enjoyable place to spend time is the most important thing. I want it to be a place others feel welcome and at home, as well as it being the perfect sanctuary for a quiet and peaceful night in. I love to constantly change the design up, move about the pictures on the wall and search for little things that can bring something new to the room. Only if the space is completely me do I ever feel at home there.

And just a little note to all you homebodies out there – embrace it and never be afraid to stay in.

Eddie and the Giant Peach  ///  Twitter  ///  Instagram

Room 365  ///  Twitter  ///  Instagram

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