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Welcome back to another one of my magazine monthly favourite posts! This month I have two incredible independent magazines to showcase; Walnut Magazine and Sidetracked Magazine. I chose these two for this edition because they both have the theme of ordinary people, but the content contrasts itself and I love a little bit of variety in these posts. I am a fond reader of independent print magazines as I feel they give more than the story on the page; they inspire and they show creativity at its finest.

I am going to start off with Walnut Magazine for this months post as it was the first one I got my hands on in February and I have fallen in love with it. This is their third edition and I cannot wait to see where they take this publication in the future! Their motto is “A Healthier Look at Life” and this pretty much sums up what I am trying to achieve. I strongly believe that it can be the little things that make a difference to our lifestyles. The food we eat and the people we surround ourselves with can be some of the most important things.

The magazine is split up into three sections; health, food and people and all three tie seamlessly together to create the overall magazine. I would say my favourite section is “people” as, throughout all the magazines that I read, I always love the individual stories the most. It is not often that we get to read about the every day of people across the world, with whom we would usually have no contact, so publications that allow us that insight are truly special to me. Walnut speak to the creators of Odylique skincare range about their sensitive, skin friendly, organic beauty alternatives and we get a real insight into their motivations, inspirations and unique qualities. Walnut also let us in on the story of Raw Halo chocolate and how they went about starting a business in their tiny kitchen in their London. Hearing real and truthful stories gives the reader more when they turn the page and Walnut do that with perfection!

This edition of Walnut magazine also has the most incredible recipes and I have been frantically adding them to my recipe book over the past few days!!!! Who could ever say no to making a tomato curry shakshuka?? And their cranberry, apricot and almond cake looks divine. Each recipe is super easy to follow and the photographs just make you want to create them all.

So that is my guide to Walnut magazine. It seriously has it all and has been put together with such care and precision. From incredible written pieces on comparing ourselves to others, to mouth watering chocolate tart recipes, this edition offers it all.

/// Walnut Magazine

Next up we have Sidetracked Magazine. Their 10th volume came out recently and it is one of my favourites!! Sidetracked are all about adventure, lifestyle and stories that will change our perspective. One little detail that really makes a difference to me when picking up a new magazine, is the quality of the actual paper as it goes a long way to giving the reader a full experience and Sidetracked definitely take pride in this.

The main feature of Sidetracked magazine is to give the reader stories that engulf them. I got completely lost within the words and photography and found myself longing for adventure and excitement. Their photography in the story Arctic Sky is some of the most incredible I have seen in an independent magazine like this and for the first time in forever, I actually wished I was in this cold and snowy environment!!! You get a real sense of the locations and people that it covers. The Northern Lights section that follows the journey to the most remote corner of Iceland and I have already been looking at flights to go and see it for myself…. that is how engrossed I was in the story and the journey.

When picking up a travel, adventure type magazine, they tend to fit into two categories: either focused on one place/country or featuring places around the world. Sidetracked is the latter and there is no corner of the world that they have missed!! From Brazil, to the Grand Canyon, Norway, Bolivia and even Wales, it really does include it all. The reader is left hanging on every word and there is so much inspiration within the pages of this magazine, that you will be left with a bucket list longer than you ever imagined!

/// Sidetracked Magazine

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