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Roses Are Pink – Valentines Cocktail


This week is the week of love and I figured what a perfect time to find a new and exciting cocktail to fall in love with! Whether you are spending the day with your other half, or you are having a night with friends, this rose lemonade and prosecco serve is the right thing for you! Fentimans make the most incredible rose lemonade… it goes with LITERALLY EVERYTHING and can be enjoyed on its own or part of an alcoholic cocktail. It is my go-to on a special night and it should be yours too. Prosecco is increasing in popularity every year so Fentimans have decided to pair it with one of their most popular drinks in order to create something incredible.

The ‘Rose Spritz’ ingredients

– 125ml Fentimans Rose Lemonade

– 125 ml Prosecco

– Garnish of blueberries

– Garnish of Rosemary/Thyme

(or Mint, which I used in this serve as it brings together a mix of flavours and I also can NEVER get enough of mint in drinks!!

– A small amount of granulated sugar to rim the glass

(In order to rim the glass, turn it upside down into a plate of water and then straight into a plate of sugar and lift up quickly. So make sure you do this before anything else).

I really love the simplicity of this spritz. It happens way too often with cocktails that you end up having to buy large bottles of 5 different ingredients, only to use a very small amount of each and have the rest stood in a cupboard for months and months on end. This is a very quick and simple drink to make that will be sure to impress that special someone!!!

When we think of Valentines Day, we automatically think of Roses and what I love about the Fentimans Rose Lemonade, is that it is actually made from real roses in the “Valley of Roses” in Bulgaria! How cool is that!!! For me Valentines Day is about the simple things, spending time with people who mean the most and never letting any of our single friends feel as though they are missing out!! So if you are in need of some Valentine’s plans, why not invite everyone around and offer the delightful Rose Spritz…

I want to say a huge thank you to Fentimans for sharing their Rose Spritz serve and sponsoring this post! I am in love with their whole range of drinks and love how well they work in alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks! They have a drink that works for everyone and also every occasion.

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