The Wonders of Berlin


Berlin is a city I will never get bored of. Maybe that’s because I am a complete history nerd and can never get enough of actually experiencing the real-life physical manifestation of the past, or maybe just because it is a damn cool city. But whatever the reason, one thing is clear: I always want to go back. This trip was my fourth time to the capital and every time I see it in a new light. Whether its the weather or the company I have, things never get boring. As it is in the heart of Europe, it is very very easy for people to pop across for the weekend; flights are cheap and there is plenty of accommodation all around. You really have no excuse to not go!!


The complexity of German history comes to a head right in the centre of Berlin. It is completely characterised by its past and even now, you feel the direct consequences of a city split in two all around you. The place has an identity and embodies both the new and the old in perfect unison. I could definitely live in Berlin as not only is it very easy to get around everywhere, but it constantly surprises and excites its visitors and inhabitants with its uniqueness and individuality. You could drink a beer at a new place every night for a year and not have even seen a fraction of its nightlife!!

As I have lived in London my entire life (before university) it is natural for me to compare the two and the results are quite surprising. One thing that myself and my friends realised on this trip was how relaxed the place was for a capital city. You felt you had breathing room and you could wander the streets without having to hit every second person with your bag just to get past as you would have to in London. It has the culture of one of the greatest cities in the world, but it gives you your own space to enjoy it and that is truly something special.



My personal recommendations for food are as follows: cheesecake, spaghetti Eis, currywurst and then rotate that around!!! As for the real German experience, try and find some places around that serve a good classic Berliner Pilsner and are filled with proper Germans rather than tourists. This usually means just going for a wander and seeing what you find!!

So what are you waiting for? Berlin is calling and there are many wonders to be found.

Joanna x

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  • Reply Katie Hunter 30/01/2018 at 4:41 pm

    Berlin is such a cool city, I went last year for a few days and have been dreaming of it ever since…I definitely share the reason why you love it–for me there is something SO cool about walking round and every corner having a site of immense historical significance, I am so amazed when I see something I’ve learned or read about and am like woah thats real?! Ah definitely hoping to return this year…

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