2018: My Venture into Slow Living


Here is a little belated Happy New Year from me! I know it is 2 weeks late but I needed a little time to think about this year on my own and figure out some things. See 2018 is the first year that things will be a little uncertain and that is going to take a little bit of getting used to. See up until now I always knew roughly what the in front of me year would lead to, I went from school to a different school and then on to university and when the clock struck midnight two weeks ago it was the first time that there was no clear path for me. In other words, this exact time 365 days from now, everything may have changed completely and that had led to this weird scared-but-excited emotion. It will be really weird for me when I am technically no longer a student but I am also looking forward to the freedom of being able to make all of my own choices. The two really strong emotions of fear and excitement don’t often clash together, making this imminent future a little bit uncertain in my head.

But enough about what will happen down the track because I still have a good 5 months of being comfortable. For now, I wanted to write a little bit about something I am trying to do more of: slow and simple living. I have always been one to try and multitask and be connected to everything at once and I am on a venture to stop that. I have been reading several books (there will be another blog post on those soon!) and have decided to focus a little bit more on the now. I should stop worrying about what will happen in 6 months time and start making sure that I am where I want to be right now. In my experience, everything has always had a way of working itself out and I need to have faith in that for 2018 as well. It will be intriguing to see where I am in a years time and that is why writing for this is so important to me.

So you might see a few changes around here but I promise they will be positive ones. I want to document more of my personal thoughts and experiences (I think they seemed to have gotten lost a little bit on this blog last year) and I want to share some steps I am taking to simplify the everyday; focusing on what is truly important and giving less time, thought and energy to things which we cannot change or simply things that do not deserve our attention. So I hope you will join me on this venture and I will see you around here very very soon.

Joanna x

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