The Wilderness is Calling


As many of you will already know, my bookshelf is bulging with print magazines from all across the world and to me, there is something special about connecting with individuals through photography and the beauty of the written word. Today I want to present you with the 9th volume of Another Escape, an outdoor lifestyle and creative culture magazine that I have been reading for years. What I love about Another Escape is its authenticity. It celebrates the simpler and finer things in life and it brings the reader into another world.

This edition focuses on the wilderness; about what it truly means to be wild and how it can be something both feared and conquered. Having lived in cities my whole life I have never truly experienced wilderness on this scale and Another Escape have definitely managed to create a wilderness-loving part inside of me. The main aim of this magazine is to allow readers to embrace their wilder selves and find inspiration through the way in which others lead their lives. It celebrates the stories of passionate people who have decided to live side by side with nature. These stories are not something that you can read about in mainstream media, they revolve around ordinary people and their every day, telling real and thought-provoking stories. Their lifestyles are accessible to us and do not depend on things that many of us do not have, such as fame and probably more importantly money. It celebrates the simple life. A simple life, that if we all wanted to, we could live for ourselves.

Another Escape describes themselves as being based around the notions of exploration, creativity, innovation and discovery. They shine a light on sustainable living, on its importance and practicalities. I have always been a fond reader of Another Escape as they challenge boundaries of creativity and are able to present stories in the most beautiful way. Another Escape also gives support to many world-changing campaigns such as Surfers Against Sewage and For the Planet Pledge and it is definitely worth doing your own bit of research into these incredible causes and together we can really make a difference.

One story that really stood out for me was about digital nomad Stef who traded in everything he had for a life in the wild. It followed his story of working as a freelance designer and illustrator whilst living in the wilderness. His story broke the misconception about having to be completely disconnected to live how he does. All he wanted was to quit his 9-5 job and reconnect with the side of him that lived for the outdoors. This didn’t mean he gave up being connected; he works in coffee shops to earn a living and technology is still a part of his life. Stef’s story showed us how you do not need to go from one extreme to the other. You can find your own balance and nothing inspired me more.

The magazine also focuses on appreciating the little things in life and it really made me realise a lot about my everyday. It stripped back the essential needs of humanity; fire for warmth and the transportation of water to survive. It showed how disconnected we can be with our sensibilities and how important it is to take a step back.

The wilderness is definitely calling and I cannot recommend Another Escape enough. It is the perfect publication for all you adventure seekers but it is also an incredible read for city-dwellers like me, as it enables us to reach the wild side within ourselves. I will leave some links below to Another Escape’s website and a list of their stockists so you can pick up your own copy.

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